The Hit Buntsman

BuntsmanThe term "hit batsman" doesn’t sit well with me. Who decided that a batter becomes a batsman when he gets hit by a pitch? Is a batsman supposed to be the baseball equivalent of a casualty of war? Or is it the plural of batman gone terribly wrong? And if a batter gets beaned while attempting to bunt, does he suddenly become a "hit buntsman"? …

Is a grown-up bat boy a bat man? And is Batman nothing more than a grown-up bat boy? …

Rarely does an injury boil down to Mike Tyson’s reading level, but Mets rookie right-hander Brian Bannister is on the 15-day disabled list with a
grade 1 hamstring strain. …

Is it any coincidence that Mets color man Keith Hernandez is a Just For Men pitchman? …

And for those of you who think Hernandez might lose his endorsement deal with the hair coloring giant for saying the dugout is just for men, consider this: Just For Men is just for men. …

DieselIn Oakland, A’s third baseman Eric Chavez has quietly dispelled the notion that he’s a slow starter by hitting .314 with 10 homers and 26 RBIs in his first 29 games. In a related story, first-string Blue Jays catcher Benjie Molina has been chugging around the bases in Toronto like a diesel-powered bus, cementing his reputation as ?- you guessed it ?- a slow starter. …

Mariners manager Mike Hargrove applauded right-hander Joel Pineiro for escaping a no-out, bases-loaded jam unscathed in a recent victory over the Red Sox. "I wouldn’t want to be on the mound (in that situation)," said the veteran skipper. "I’d want to be somewhere in Tibet, probably." Which makes sense ?- at least philosophically. After all, Hargrove has managed to find baseball’s "Middle Way," sporting a decidedly mediocre .501 winning percentage in 15 seasons at the big-league helm.

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