The Fielder’s Choice Awards

FielderThey?ve got the "Viewer’s Choice Awards" and the "People’s Choice Awards," both of which draw consistent ratings. So why not take advantage of a choice thing and celebrate the most spectacular groundball force outs of the baseball season at the "Fielder?s Choice Awards"? As for a host, none other than former Tigers powerhouse Cecil Fielder would have to do the honors. …

Does Angels right-hander "Bartolo Colon" remind you of something fragrant, such as a cologne, or something not so fragrant, such as a colon? …

Is it any coincidence that Dave Philly played for Philadelphia Phillies from 1958-59? …

Forget about "The Lone Star Series." And kick "The Silver Boot" to the
curb. The best name for the intrastate, Interleague battle between the
Astros and the Rangers is as simple as Houston, Texas: "Houston-Texas." …

With a Major League-leading two three-double games, Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell is the LeBron James of baseball. Because he, too, has mastered the "triple-double."


Great quips, especially on Colon. I love this kind of stuff.

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

Thanks man.

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