The Winnebago

Winnebago315Do you know what the "B.J." in first-year Blue Jays closer B.J. Ryan stands for? Judging by the fact that his real name is "Robert Victor," I’m not exactly sure. Seems to me we should be calling him "R.V.," or possibly even "The Winnebago" (much like his automotive counterpart, the 6-foot-6, 249-pound Ryan is quite imposing). That is, unless he’s been named after his new team all along.  …

The Red Sox recently recalled right-hander Jermaine Van Buren from Triple-A Pawtucket, if for no other reason than to complement fellow ex-presidential namesake Trot Nixon on the 25-man roster. …

Padres southpaw Shawn Estes said he’s "98 percent" sure he?s going to have Tommy John ligament reconstruction surgery on his left elbow. When asked how he arrived at that number, Estes said he was two percent unsure about the move and "just did the math." …

On the road back from inflammation in his pitching shoulder, Angels right-hander Bartolo Colon is reportedly throwing at 50 percent, or a "Semi-Colon." …

Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon, meanwhile, has a broken sesamoid bone in his right foot, debunking the widely accepted notion that the funny bone is a nerve.

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