The 365-Day DL

PavanoCarl Pavano, who hasn’t seen big-league action since last June because of various injuries and is out indefinitely with a bone chip above his right elbow, shouldn’t be on the maximum 60-day disabled list, never mind the 15-day DL. The Yankees right-hander deserves his own, special list, one that unmistakably reflects what a tumultuous year it’s been for him: The 365-day DL. …

Who’s the athletic director of the elusive Abercrombie & Fitch Athletic Department? Where are its headquarters? Does it have a baseball division? How do I become a member? And does it matter if I’m not a fad-following, mall-meandering teenage boy? …

Is it any coincidence that Dave Philly played for the Philadelphia Phillies, from 1958-59? …

Bledsoe_3Commissioner Bud Selig’s "three strikes and you?re out" steroid policy
for MLB has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world. And while an
equally clever "three and out" plan has yet to be proposed by NFL
commish Paul Tagliabue, that hasn’t stopped insiders from giving it a
nickname: The Bledsoe Special. …

A’s outfielder Jay Payton considers himself a great baserunner even though he doesn’t steal bases. "I have the speed, but I just don’t steal," said 33-year-old journeyman, who recently swiped his first bag in his 145th game as an American Leaguer. "I know how to run the bases. It’s about getting a good jump off the bat, or getting a good secondary lead." In a related story, zero-time All-Star Jay Payton considers himself an All-Star even though he’s never made the All-Star team. Making the All-Star team, after all, is just not his style.


In response to your blurb about Arroyo here:

You should do your homework. Diamondbacks/Reds series this weekend is in Cincinnati not at Chase Field.

And BTW, Arroyo’s ERA at the “merciless” Great American Ballpark is 1.47.

Against two good offenses Milwaukee and St. Louis, Arroyo is 3-0 with a 2.48 ERA.

His GB/FB ratio in May is 44/47 which .93 not .79. Not sure which calculator you used but it may be time to change the batteries.

Your use of “facts” would make even the Bush administration blush.

My mistake about the location of Sunday’s start. Keep up the good work.

Also … Arroyo’s GB/FB ratio in May is 37/47, as I said. Keep the faith, young Democrat, and don’t forget: You’re talking about Bronson Arroyo.

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