The Denial

PalmeirofingerIt’s a good thing former Viagra spokesman Rafael Palmeiro denied ever using steroids, not performance-enhancing drugs. …

Interleague Play is like communism. It works in theory, offering "dream matchups" like Mets-Yankees, White Sox-Cubs and Dodgers-Angels. But in reality, the competitive spirit isn’t all there. …

Prior to George W. Bush, Richard M. Nixon was the last active president to throw out the first pitch in Cincinnati. The location? Riverfront Stadium. The occasion? The 1970 All-Star Game. The political climate? Vietnam ugly, as the nation was entrenched in an ideological war against  ?- who else?  ?- the Reds. …

Junior100_1The long ball aside, there’s no such thing as a bases-clearing hit. Because when it’s all said and done, there’s a guy on base. …

In a frivolous turn of events, an "LA man" is suing the Los Angeles
Angels of Anaheim for sex and age discrimination after being denied a
red nylon tote bag during a Mother’s Day promotion at Angels Stadium.
More to follow on whether the case will be tried in Los Angeles or
Anaheim, but wherever it takes place, rest assured that such maternally
paternal Hollywood favorites as "Mr. Mom," "Mrs. Doubtfire" and
"Junior" will be used as primary exhibits in the prosecution’s
argument. …

Having whiffed 33 times in 105 at-bats, Padres center fielder Mike Cameron is on a mission to make better contact at the plate so as to make better use of his speed on the basepaths. "Baseball’s like life," Cameron said. "You’ve got to be bold or it’ll pass you by." Just like a third strike.

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