The Moises Fly Trap

Mrmiyagi_2His right ankle 90 percent healed, Moises Alou was recently activated from the disabled list after running on the basepaths and catching flies. Still no word on whether the Giants outfielder used a sweaty old glove or a fresh set of chopsticks to nab the feisty insects. ?

Originally the ?Brown Stockings,? then the ?Browns,? the St. Louis Cardinals tried the name ?Perfectos? in 1899, only to sound more like an international supervillain conglomerate than a big-league franchise. More to follow on why the name lasted only a year, although many believe the Justice League had a hand in its hasty demise. ?

If you think that?s odd, consider that the Los Angeles Dodgers captured two pennants in six seasons as the ?Brooklyn Bridegrooms? in the late 19th century. So why the name change? I?m not exactly sure, but I?m guessing it had something to do with the players getting married. ?

Nap2Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Indians were named the ?Naps? for their first 14 years of existence, if for no other reason than to celebrate the raw boredom that defines their host city. ?

As for the Cubs, they were called the ?Chicago Orphans" from 1898-1902. Rumor has it that the team quickly lost interest in the name upon realizing that it sounded way too much like a Broadway musical. ?

And the Atlanta Braves were named the ?Boston Beaneaters? from 1883-1906, during which they farted their way to six pennants and one playoff appearance.

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