The Mountain Man

Mountain_manIn 2005, no starter reached the 250-inning mark for the first time in big-league history ?- a sad reflection on the state of baseball. With all the pitcher pampering running roughshod over today?s game, consider that Frank Mountain threw 503 innings over 59 starts for the 1883 Columbus Buckeyes.

Talk about a man ?- a Mountain Man ?- living up to his name.

Frank Mountain didn?t need a pitch count, never mind an innings report. Heck, he didn?t even keep track of starts.

Frank Mountain trapped fur in the offseason, carried a muzzle loader and a butcher knife, dressed in animal pelts and sported the beard of God.

Frank Mountain traded himself to the Pittsburgh Alleghenys in 1885 for an old pint of whiskey, with no regrets.

Frank Mountain stared Death straight in the eyes and vanquished him with a fastball.

And Frank Mountain threw a 20-inning, complete-game shutout on a three-legged horse with no name.

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