Booing, Bashing & Tongue-Lashing

ArodIn an historic development, United States Postmaster General John E. Potter recently dedicated stamps commemorating Yankees legends Mickey Mantle, Roy Campanella, Hank Greenberg and Mel Ott during a pregame ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Still no word on whether Potter will succumb to growing pressure from the New York media to add a living legend to the mix ?- namely, reigning American League MVP Alex Rodriguez ?- so boo-happy Bomber fans can give the third baseman a thorough tongue-lashing at any hour of the day. ?

Speaking of ?A-Rod,? would a good nickname for Tigers reliever Jamie Walker be ?J-Walk?? If so, wouldn?t he be the first man in Major League history named after a traffic violation? ?

The Braves Wives recently raised $36,000 for charity with their annual Brown Bag Bonanza, during which fans purchased $40 brown paper bags, each containing a baseball signed by an Atlanta player. After spending their week?s earnings at the event, local bums were outraged to find that the bags contained no booze whatsoever. ?

Triple_h?H? abuse is running ramping in Major League Baseball. Indians shortstop Jhonny Peralta, for one, misplaces his. Astros right-hander Taylor Buchholz, meanwhile, continues to make flagrant use of the ?double h.? Of course, baseball?s problem pales in comparison to that of the WWE, where ?Triple H? has been running roughshod over the competition for years. ?

Lefties don?t have ?better? pickoff moves than righties. It?s just easier for them to get the ball over to first. Same way it?s easier for righties to get it over to third, or reach for the cold knob in the shower. …

Renowned figure skater Sasha Cohen threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to a recent D-Backs-Dodgers game at Chase Field. To nobody?s surprise, the reigning Olympic silver medalist later took a shot running the bases, stumbling out of the batter?s box before cruising into second.

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