TBN: The Bullpen Network

Tnt_logoHave you heard?  TNT?s Monday night lineup features the ?The Closer? at 9 followed by ?Saved? at 10, leading Hollywood insiders to speculate that ?The Fireman? can?t be far behind. Still no word on the network?s plan to stick with the not-so-subtle theme, change its name to TBN (The Bullpen Network) and develop a night of original programming centered around middle relief ? say, ?Setup Saturday.? ?

With the arrival of his kid brother Jered in the Majors, Cardinals right-hander Jeff Weaver has come to assume a most questionable box-score alias: ?Jef. Weaver.? Which makes me wonder if ?Jef.? even qualifies as an abbreviation for ?Jeff." Not to spell it out, but seems to me it?s just as long. ?

Mcdonalds_3In conjunction with McDonald?s, the Rangers are offering clinics to local Boys and Girls Club members to ?teach baseball and the importance of exercise and nutrition in leading a healthy life.? Of course, given the mission statement, you’ve gotta believe that ?Never eat at McDonald?s? is priority No. 1 on the lesson list.

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