Sean Casey Voodoo Doll Night

CerranoIn an ironic turn of events, former Pirates first baseman Sean Casey had appeared in only 59 of the team?s first 103 games when he sat out his own bobblehead night at Pittsburgh?s PNC Park due to a strained oblique. 

"As the game went on, it just tightened up," said Casey, adding that ?it felt like it was a softball in my rib all day.?

Hmmm. Increasing, localized pain? Miniature dolls bearing the victim?s likeness? Sounds more like ?Sean Casey Voodoo Doll Night? to me. ?

Astro_1?The Jetsons? began airing in 1962, but the Astros have been around since only 1965. So shouldn?t Houston?s mascot be a cartoon dog from the future? …

According to STATS Inc., Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has swung and missed at three pitches in the same at-bat only once in 2006 ? not bad, considering that the average American misses three cuts in the same plate appearance every night at dinner. ?

Shouldn?t Tigers rookie Brent Clevlen play for the Indians? ?

Astros first baseman Mike Lamb and his wife, Teresa, recently welcomed a baby girl into the world. McKayla Marie weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, leading one man to conclude that — contrary to popular nursery-rhyme refrain — Lamb had a little Marie.

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