The Pierre Apparent

Pierre2Nothing against the Cubs center fielder, but for the love of consistency, what kind of a name is Juan Pierre? Is the Mobile, Ala., native supposed to be some kind of French Spaniard or Spanish Frenchman? Either way, it seems only fitting that the team’s "Pierre apparent" in center is none other than fellow "oxymoron" Angel Pagan. …

How can it be that baseball’s Giles Brothers ?- Brave Marcus and Padre
Brian ?- are both ranked among the National League leaders in walks? Is
it that a "good eye" runs in the family? Or does it all come down to
patient parenting? …

Giles_4The baseball thesaurus seemingly has a synonym for everything. An
inning is a frame, a batter a hitter, a pitcher a hurler, a forkball a
splitter, a walk a free pass, an ally a gap, a homer a jack, a bomb, a
dinger. But the save is the black sheep of ballpark terminology. The
save is, well, a save, nothing more, nothing less, blessed with neither
synonym nor antonym. The save is so linguistically neglected, in fact,
that its opposite is the "blown save." Once again: The blown save.
That’s like charging a pitcher with a "blown out" for allowing a hit or
giving a batter a "blown hit" for recording an out. For lack of a
better word, it?s "thoughtless." ?

NakedgunWas it a strike or a ball? A hit or an error? Was he safe or out? And did he check it or go around? For more than a century, baseball has relied upon the "better judgment" of umpires and official scorers to decide the fate of its game. So why does discretion get thrown out the window in ground-rule situations? A double should be the minimum award for a ground-rule hit, not the only one. Circumstance matters. The trajectory of the ball matters, as does its pace. The dimensions of the field matter. The positioning and quickness of the outfielders matter. And the speed of the runner matters. In most cases, awarding a double is the correct ground-rule judgment. But that doesn?t mean that a "ground-rule triple" or even a "ground-rule inside-the-park home run" should be out of the question.

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