The Texas Rangers Of The Texas Rangers

Norris50Tom Hicks is the owner. Buck Showalter is the manager. Hank Blalock isthe third baseman. R.A. Dickey is the pitcher. Which begs the question:
Can the Texas Rangers possibly sound any more like the Texas Rangers?

Seemingly destined for their ninth losing season in as many years of
existence, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are considering dropping the
"Devil" in their name as part of a larger rebranding effort. And while
the move is anything but official, that hasn?t stopped insiders from
giving it a nickname: "The Exorcism." …

It might sound off base, but maybe a home run shouldn’t count toward on-base percentage. Because when it’s all said and done, the batter’s not on base. …

Abercrombie_2Is Marlins rookie Reggie Abercrombie a member of the elusive A&F
Athletic Department? If so, how long before the center fielder?s jersey
skyrockets in popularity among trend-hungry, mall-infesting teenage
boys throughout the country? Will it be artificially faded and
fictitiously dated? And what does Fitch think about all this? …

Clearly enjoying pitcher-friendly confines of San Diego?s PETCO Park, Padres right-hander Chan Ho Park recently extended his home shutout streak to 16 innings. More to follow on the organization?s plan to celebrate the accomplishment by renaming the stadium ?- what else? ?- CHANHO Park.

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