Choose To Lose

SunglassesMembers of the Astros recently spoke to students at Houston-area grade schools as part of the ?Fielder?s Choice Program? ?- the gist of it being that making good decisions in life is really no different than making a fielder?s choice play on the baseball diamond. Still no word on the organization?s plan to launch a ?Defensive Indifference Program? to teach America?s future all about letting the adversary run all over you because you?re too apathetic to do anything about it. Call it "Choose to Lose." ?

Only time will tell if he has enough pop in his bat to live up to his namesake, but rookie Corey Hart has been rock solid as the Brewers everyday right fielder, hitting well over .300 since taking over for struggling veteran Geoff Jenkins in mid-August. Though the 24-year-old Hart doesn?t wear his ?Sunglasses at Night? on the diamond, you?ll be pleased to know that he does in fact ?Never Surrender? out there. ?

Marx2Speaking of Brewers outfielders and cheesy ?80s pop icons, Laynce Nix recently met with Milwaukee-area foot specialist Richard Marks regarding a course of action for his turf toe. More to follow on whether the good doctor directed Nix to the ?Right Here Waiting? room before seeing his star patient. ?

Looking to give their pitching staff wings, the Yankees recently purchased the contract of southpaw Sean Henn from Triple-A Columbus. Of course, Henn isn?t the first pro athlete named after an avian creature. Just ask ageless NFL punter (and onetime Eagle) Jeff Feagles, former Cardinals defensive tackle Eric Swann, Reds left-hander Mike Gosling, former Yankees closer Goose Gossage, Hall of Fame right-hander Robin Roberts, longtime Blazers center Kevin Duckworth, Celtics legend Larry Bird, former C?s guard Chris Herren and Grizzlies forward Brian Cardinal. ?   

Is Mark Mulder?s labrum not frayed? Afraid not. In fact, the Cardinals southpaw is expected to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery in the coming hours. ?

Is it any coincidence that 1990 home run king Cecil ?Big Daddy? Fielder ?- all 6-foot-3, 240 pounds of him ?- has a 6-foot, 260-pound son named Prince?

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